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Queensland Unset Boulder Opal 26 Carat

Queensland Unset Boulder Opal 26 Carat

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Introducing a marvel of nature's artistry – the unset pendant stone with multiple colours, a breathtaking boulder opal from the renowned mining regions of Queensland, Australia. This exquisite gemstone embodies the timeless elegance and raw beauty that only the earth can create. Its distinctive fusion of hues uniquely mirrors the vibrant shades of a flowing river, presenting an unparalleled visual symphony that captivates and enchants.

The boulder opal's dynamic palette features a harmonious blend of deep blues, rich greens, and flashes of fiery reds and oranges. These colours dance across the stone's surface, reminiscent of sunlight filtering through clear, running water. Each glance reveals a new aspect of its beauty, ensuring that this opal remains a perpetually fascinating centerpiece.

Perfect for the discerning jeweller or collector, this unset pendant stone offers endless possibilities for bespoke creations. Whether set in a minimalist gold frame to highlight its natural splendor or surrounded by complementary gemstones to enhance its vivid colours, this boulder opal is destined to become a treasured heirloom.

  • Opal size: 32 x 27 x18 mm
  • Opal carats:  26
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