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Mintabie Crystal Opals in 18K Pendant

Mintabie Crystal Opals in 18K Pendant

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Indulge in the timeless elegance of our exquisite Tree of Life Pendant, meticulously crafted from 18K yellow gold. This opulent piece features six resplendent teardrop-shaped solid crystal fire opals, sourced from the renowned Mintabie mines in South Australia. Each opal, ablaze with a mesmerizing dance of red, orange, and green hues, embodies the fiery essence of nature's splendor.

The pendant's design, an intricate arboreal motif, symbolizes growth, strength, and eternal life. The vibrant opals, expertly set within the golden branches, create a harmonious balance between nature's raw beauty and sophisticated craftsmanship. This luxurious piece not only serves as a statement of refined taste but also as a cherished heirloom, capturing the enchanting allure of the Australian outback in a singular, breathtaking adornment.

Perfect for those who appreciate the fusion of natural wonders and elegant design, this Tree of Life Pendant is a testament to both artistic brilliance and the earth’s boundless treasures. Wear this pendant to elevate any ensemble with its radiant hues and timeless grace, and let it be a constant reminder of life's enduring beauty.

Opals measure: 7 x 5 mm.

Your purchase includes a complimentary gold plated display chain.

All River Gemz jewellery is packaged in a high quality velvet jewellery box.

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