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Yowah Nut Unset Opal 7.4 Carat

Yowah Nut Unset Opal 7.4 Carat

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Elevate your jewellery collection with this mesmerizing Yowah Nut unset solid opal, shaped like a lustrous broad bean and adorned with a stunning array of red, green, blue, and orange pinfire colours. This exquisite gemstone offers endless possibilities for a truly unique and eye-catching ring or pendant design. Whether you choose to showcase the vibrant hues in a sleek modern setting or opt for a more intricate, vintage-inspired piece, this opal is sure to captivate all who behold it. Embrace the beauty and versatility of this one-of-a-kind gemstone and let your creativity shine through in a stunning, personalized jewellery creation.

  • Opal size: 17 x 10 mm
  • Opal carats: 7.4
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