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Mintabie Crystal Opal & Diamonds in 18K Ring

Mintabie Crystal Opal & Diamonds in 18K Ring

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Experience unparalleled elegance with our Mintabie Solid Crystal Opal Ring, a true masterpiece from South Australia. This exquisite creation features a dominant fire red opal that captivates with its mesmerizing play of colours, revealing an enchanting spectrum that dances beneath its surface. Set in an opulent 18K yellow gold band, the opal takes centre stage, exuding a radiant allure that is both timeless and contemporary.

To further elevate its grandeur, the ring is encircled by a halo of VVS1 clarity, colour G diamonds. These meticulously selected gems provide a scintillating frame, enhancing the opal's brilliance and adding an irresistible touch of sophistication. Each diamond is precisely cut to ensure maximum sparkle, creating a harmonious balance that accentuates the natural beauty of the opal.

This ring is not merely a piece of jewellery; it is a statement of luxury and refined taste. The combination of the vivid opal and the flawless diamonds makes it a unique addition to any collection and would make a perfect engagement ring. Indulge in the opulent charm of this Mintabie Solid Crystal Opal Ring and let its radiant beauty adorn your hand with a blaze of elegance and splendour.

  • Ring Size:    O    [Aust/UK]      |    7¼   [US/Canada]     |     55  [EU]
  • Opal size:    11 x 7 mm

All River Gemz jewellery is packaged in a high quality velvet jewellery box or pouch.

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