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Lightning Ridge Black Opals and Diamonds in 18K Ring

Lightning Ridge Black Opals and Diamonds in 18K Ring

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The Lightning Ridge region in New South Wales, Australia, is renowned for producing high-quality black opals with vibrant colours and unique patterns.

The N3 body tone classification indicates that the opals have a very dark appearance, allowing the play of colour to stand out brilliantly.

This trilogy ring style features three opals set in 18K white gold, creating a striking contrast that enhances the opals' natural beauty.

The shoulders of the ring are adorned with stunning diamonds, adding sparkle and elegance to the design.

Each opal is carefully selected for its gem quality, ensuring that the ring showcases the finest examples of Lightning Ridge opals available.

The use of 18K white gold not only complements the opals' colours but also provides a durable and lustrous setting for long-lasting wear.

This exquisite ring is a testament to the unparalleled artistry and craftsmanship involved in creating fine jewellery pieces that celebrate the beauty of Australian opal.

  • Ring Size:    Q½    [Aust/UK]      |    8½   [US/Canada]     |     58   [EU]
  • Opal Sizes:    6 mm round [centre] & 5 x 3 mm [outers]

All River Gemz jewellery is packaged in a high quality velvet jewellery box or pouch.

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