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Lightening Ridge Semi-Black Opals in Sterling Silver Hook Earrings

Lightening Ridge Semi-Black Opals in Sterling Silver Hook Earrings

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The N6 Lightning Ridge semi-black opals, renowned for their vibrant blue and green colour play, are a testament to the beauty and rarity of this Australian gem. These opals, mined from the legendary Lightning Ridge fields, possess a captivating depth and brilliance, their colours shifting and dancing with every movement. Crafted into exquisite shepherd hooks, these gems are meticulously claw-set in sterling silver, their delicate setting allowing the opals to take center stage. The silver, with its cool, understated elegance, provides the perfect foil for the opals' fiery brilliance. The shepherd hook design, with its graceful curve, adds a touch of femininity and sophistication, making these earrings a truly timeless piece. The combination of the N6 Lightning Ridge opals' captivating colour play, the sterling silver's refined simplicity, and the elegant shepherd hook design creates a harmonious and unforgettable piece of jewellery, a true celebration of the natural beauty and craftsmanship that Australia has to offer.

Opals measure: 7 x 6 mm.

All River Gemz:

  • jewellery is packaged in a high quality velvet jewellery box or pouch.

  • earrings are fitted with silicone backs for added security.
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