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Lightening Ridge Black Opal in Sterling Silver Ring

Lightening Ridge Black Opal in Sterling Silver Ring

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Presenting an unparalleled masterpiece from the storied mines of Lightning Ridge, New South Wales - a green and blue feather-patterned solid black opal, elegantly set in a contemporary sterling silver ring.

The opal's mesmerizing dance of colors, reminiscent of a peacock's plume, captures the essence of nature's artistry. Its vibrant hues of verdant green and azure blue, set against the deep, mysterious backdrop of the black opal, evoke a sense of wonder and splendor. Each glance reveals new depths and dimensions, making this gem an ever-evolving spectacle of beauty.

The modern bezel setting not only secures the opal with precision but also enhances its natural brilliance, allowing the stone's intricate patterns to be admired from every angle. Crafted in the highest quality sterling silver, the ring exudes a sleek, polished finish that complements the opal's vivid colours while ensuring durability and comfort for the wearer.

This exquisite piece is more than jewellery; it is a testament to the magnificence of nature and the skill of human craftsmanship. Indulge in the sublime beauty of this extraordinary creation and experience the allure of an opal that is truly one-of-a-kind.

  • Ring Size:    O  [Aust/UK]      |    7¼  [US/Canada]     |     55  [EU]
  • Opal size:    10 x 7 mm

All River Gemz jewellery is packaged in a high quality velvet jewellery box or pouch.

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